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Why You NEED To Own A Washable Hookah Hose!

Why should I wash my hookah hose?

Alright, so WHY wash your hookah hose? Well, first of all, let’s ignore the fact that not washing your hookah hose is disgusting AF. After a while, a hookah hose can start holding onto different flavors you’ve smoked on. But why is this so gross? This can be gross because you’ll end up ghosting flavors and tasting a stale bit of whatever you’ve smoked on previously. Not to mention that the inside of a hookah hose will eventually start to build up grime and nasty residue. You DO NOT want to smoke from a nasty hose. Honestly, take some time out of your day and show your hookah hose a little love. You won’t regret it.

Why you need a washable hookah hose

But wait… Believe it or not, but  not all hookah hoses are actually washable. Some of the hookah hoses that are available aren’t meant to be rinsed with water. If these non-washable hookah hoses get water inside them, it’ll often cause the inside of the hose to rust. How do they rust, you ask? It’s because there is a metal coil on the inside of non-washable hoses. That metal coil is what often collects all the rust. Instead of dealing with gross hoses or harmful rust, it’s much smarter to get something you can wash.

Washable hookah hoses will provide you with a much cleaner taste than their non-washable counterparts. Residue left behind from previous sessions can easily be washed away. Typically the best thing to do would be to give it a good rinse with rubbing alcohol ( preferably 91% ) and then to rinse it with water. Most people will repeat this rinse around 3 to 5 times to ensure it’s clean and good as new. Lemon juice can also be used in the last rinse to help remove any nasty smells and tastes that may get left behind. If you’re looking for more information on how you might clean your washable hookah hose, I recommend you check out this article I came across.



Five Good Washable Hookah Hose Options

1. The 75” Laser Washable Hookah Hose

clean hookah hose

It’s important to have a clean hose, that’s why we chose this hose to be in the list. It’s an easy to clean hookah hose that has a unique and colorful feel to it. The mouthpiece itself is very long, but the hookah hose itself is lightweight and easy to use. Although the mouthpiece is long, I have to say it looked and felt pretty cool to use, almost magical. The hookah hose is made of rubber, but that makes it completely washable. This hookah hose is available in multiple different colors.

Current Price: $14


2. Rocsai Hookah Hose 78″ Washable Hookah Hose W/t Detachable mouth Tip

Cool washable hookah hose

If you’re looking for an awesome quality hookah at a price anyone can afford, look no further. This inexpensive hookah hose is completely washable. For being a washable hookah hose though, it has amazing craftsmanship. For comfort, this hookah hose has a soft and comfortable velvet-like grip. This hookah hose is amazing and is suitable for almost any and all hookahs. It even comes with an adapter. The adapter was a little bit longer than I thought it would be, but overall I’d say it looks nice to have on. Mouthpiece is easy to clean and made of a clear acrylic material. If you think this hose might be a good fit for you then I recommend you check it out! It is available in other colors as well! 

Current Price: $12


3. The U-Pick-Color: 74″ Ultra Premium Beamer Cafe Rubber Washable Hose

best hookah hose cheap

If you’re somewhat reckless with you’re hookah hoses or just want something cheap that works, then we recommend you check out the U-Pick-Color washable hookah hose. This hookah hose fits all standard adapters, meaning it’s perfect for pretty much any hookah. This hose is even easier to clean than most of it’s more expensive counterparts. This washable hookah hose definitely surprised me personally. For such a price, you couldn’t ask for better quality. Give it a look yourself!

Current Price: $6


4. The 72″ Mya Washable Hookah Hose

Mya hookah hoseCheap Best hookah hose

Having a great hookah hose is amazing. What’s better? Getting a great hookah hose at a great price! At first, I was put off by the cost of this hose. I thought it would be something mediocre at best. However, upon giving it a chance, I found it to be very flexible and lightweight. Being 72 inches, it’s just long enough to easily enjoy your hookah smoke and kick back without worries of pulling on your hookah. The only thing I didn’t really like was how they have MYA written all over the hose, but if you can get over that then hey, it’s worth a look. The quality of the hose itself is great!

Current Price: $6


5. The 72″ D Hose 2.0 Hybrid Dream Washable Hookah Hose

Hybrid Dream Hookah hose

If you want real quality, the 2.0 Hybrid Dream Washable Hookah Hose is something you should definitely check out! We knew we were in for something good when we seen this. Seeing this hose, I immediately fell in love with the look. The mouthpiece was beautiful, not to mention it worked with ice tips! Made from medical grade silicone, this hose is transparent, flexible, and very durable. One thing i had to admit I was scared of was that this hose was going to feel to light and frail. However, that wasn’t the case because when you pick this hose up you’ll notice it has a nice weight and feel to it. Keeping this hose clean is super easy. Most plastic hoses are harder to get residue out of, however that’s not the case with the Dream Hookah Hose. If you want a hookah hose that has a smooth and elegant feel, then this might be YOUR hose, my friend.

Current Price: $25




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How To Blow Smoke Rings!

Why should you learn how to blow o’s when you smoke? Well obviously it’s going to make you cooler and more attractive, giving you a slight boost to your overall sex appeal. Okay.. So maybe blowing hookah rings won’t get you laid, (hey you never know though) but it’s still a pretty cool smoke trick to learn. If you’re not the most experienced when it comes to smoke tricks, don’t worry about it. This is one of the easiest tricks for beginners to learn. If you’re wondering how to do o’s with hookah smoke, this guide will show you easily and make your next session a pretty cool one.

blow smoke rings
Image Credit


And just in case your wondering, this will show you how to blow smoke rings with most forms of smoking. In all honesty, the best way to start blowing smoke rings is to practice with a blunt or cigarette. Trying to learn how to do o’s with hookah smoke can make things complicated for beginners. You should try your hand at hookah rings once you feel ready, however this guide still follows the same methods and principles one would use to smoke something else. So feel free to follow along!

Tips for learning how to blow smoke circles

Now before we begin, I should say that this works far better if your in an area with little draft. Doing this smoke trick is far easier if you’re smoking in a room with the window shut. Smoking inside of a parked car with the windows rolled could work too. Really, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand. If you have any kind of draft or wind where you’re smoking, it’s going to distort any smoke circles you try making. If you really want to know how to blow smoke rings, then remember this.

A common mistake a lot of beginners tend to do when trying to learn how to blow o’s is that they try to form their mouth into the shape of a tight little circle. Unless you’re going to be doing the “easy method”, you don’t want to make this weird face. Instead, drop your jaw. Believe it or not, the face you’re making while doing this has a lot to do with your success with the trick as well. This is also way more effective if you want those huge smoke rings that everybody can’t help but love.

If you are going to be blowing hookah rings, it’s better to have your hookah burning for a minute. This will give the hookah time to create thicker smoke. For the best hookah o’s, you’re going to want to get that thick smoke. The thickness helps the hookah rings stay together and last longer. Also, you’ll have a way easier time blowing smoke rings with thicker smoke, trust me.

How to blow smoke rings with the cough method

difficulty: Medium

Now, on to the good stuff! After all, the reason you’re here in the first place is to learn how to blow smoke rings like a pro, right? So let’s get to it! However, before you make smoke rings you need smoke! So get ready to spark up whatever you have and let class begin. Like I said before, it doesn’t really matter what your smoking from. So long as you’re able to hold a decent amount of smoke in your mouth you’ll be fine. Although, I won’t lie. This method might take some practice before you become a pro. Once you’re ready to learn how to blow o’s, simply follow these steps:

Step One – Light up

So of course you can’t puff on something that isn’t lit. And I don’t think anyone knows how to blow smoke rings without smoke. So go ahead and spark up whatever you have, Make sure you start producing enough smoke to fill your entire mouth. Once you start making a good amount of thick smoke, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step Two – Inhaling The Correct Way

Now that you’re starting to make some more smoke, start taking bigger Inhales. However, when you’re doing this, try to keep all of the smoke in your mouth if you can. You will more than likely inhale some of this smoke, but don’t worry cause that’s fine. Just don’t be taking the smoke directly to the lungs, try your best to keep it in the back of your mouth and you’ll be fine.

Step Three – Shaping Your Mouth

You’re going to need to shape your mouth correctly if you’re going to learn how to blow o’s for the first time. Now, don’t get me wrong, you want to have your mouth rounded much like a circle. However, when your forming your mouth, you want to have your jaw lower than you might think. If you were looking in a mirror, your mouth would look more like an oval than a circle. When opening your mouth, you’re going to want to do a light inhale to prevent the smoke from escaping. This will push the smoke to the back of your throat. If this is your first time, you may have trouble with the smoke escaping. If this is the case, try to practice just keeping the smoke in your mouth while leaving it slightly open.

Step Four – Cough Up The Hookah Rings

How to Make Hookah Rings For Beginners

Now, with your mouth still full of smoke and open, you’re going to want to produce tiny coughs to push bits of smoke out of your mouth. Don’t force a large amount of smoke out, try to release as little air as possible. This cough sounds similar to the “huh” sound you make when you softly sound out the letter “H”. Try to not actually say anything though,  just try to let out a very light breathe and you should start blowing smoke rings in no time. Make sure you experiment with the force of the air you’re using to blow smoke circles, but don’t mess up your mouth formation. I recommend starting out with the lightest and shortest breathe of air you can make.

Step Five – Practice Makes Perfect

Take your time when you’re blowing smoke rings at first. Try to perfect your form and technique before you start making one huge smoke ring after another. Anyone can learn how to blow o’s, it just takes a little practice. While some people can pick this trick up pretty quickly, don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few tries. With just a little time and effort, you’ll be able to do this without even trying.  With this method, you’ll be able to casually make those huge smoke rings that you know are bound to impress. You’ll even be able to blow o’s at a rapid pace, make them run into each other in the air. Just give it a shot and see what you can come up with!

How do you blow O’s with the easy method?

difficulty: Easy

Now, for those looking for a quicker way to learn how to blow smoke circles, there is an easy method. Even better, there’s a couple ways you can do this “easy” method. So this gives people a better chance of being able to blow smoke circles! They’re really not so different and this isn’t as complicated as the other method, so don’t worry. This method doesn’t even really require you to have the correct mouth formation. The  rings you make with this method will come out much smaller than the ones in the other method, but it can be pretty easy and fun sometimes to rapid fire hookah rings at my buddies. Are you ready to become a pro and start teaching others how to blow o’s like you? Well then, lets jump right into the method.

Step One – Filling Your Mouth 

After you’ve sparked whatever you’re smoking and you’re ready to start making smoke rings, take a long drag. Be sure to not actually inhale ANY of the smoke, keep it all in your mouth. Make sure to fill your entire mouth with smoke and let it kind of settle in there for a second.

Step Two – That Face You Make When You’re Blowing Smoke Rings


For this method, all you really need to do is form your lips into the shape of an O while keeping the smoke in your mouth. It’ll feel kind of similar to the face you make when you whistle. Another thing that helps is to imagine that you have a Popsicle in your mouth.

Step Three – How Do YOU Blow O’s?

Now, all you need to do from here is lightly tap your cheek while you’re mouth is still open. When doing this, it should create hookah o’s by pushing little bits of smoke through the opening. If you’re not having any luck doing that you can forget the tapping and try opening and closing your jaw slightly. This basically does the same thing. People have also had positive results by pushing the smoke with their tongue. Either way is fine. This is an awesome way to fill the air around you with hookah rings because you can fire off these hookah o’s pretty quickly. The only downside is they tend to be on the smaller side.

Now that you know how to blow o’s like a professional, it’s time you show off your newfound skills. For those that are wondering how a ring can actually form and be able to float through the air, I found an article that explains just how blowing smoke rings is possible. Actually, it’s pretty interesting if you’re into that kind of stuff.


Smoke Rings and Smoke Bubbles



For those that still can’t manage to blow smoke o’s, I recommend you check out the Monkey O’s Smoke Ring Maker. Not only can you blow the perfect smoke rings easily due to the shape of the tool, but you can also create smoke bubbles that’ll be sure to amaze your friends.  This tool comes in a variety of different colors and can be a fun addition to any smoke session. Personally, I can say that this tool makes it easy to blow smoke rings, there is literally no skill or effort required! So if you’re looking for the perfect way to blow hookah rings without any dumb old practice, we recommend you give this a look!

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How To Cure Your Hookah Sickness

What are the side effects of hookah sickness?

Does it give you headaches and nausea to smoke hookah?  Maybe it leaves you with a cloudy, lightheaded feeling.  This is often referred to as “hookah sickness” or a “hookah headache” and don’t worry, you’re not imagining it.  Many people get this feelings, although you could have many more hookah side effects including –

  • Tightness or feelings of pressure
  • Cold Sweats
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Weak feeling in muscles

In other words, the side effects of hookah smoke can make you feel pretty terrible. But why does smoking hookah make you feel terrible?  Well, the answer to this it’s actually pretty simple. It’s not really the hookah that’s making you sick, but the shisha you’re smoking out of the hookah.  It shouldn’t be surprising to most people, however I find myself still running into people that tell me how they start feeling sick after smoking hookah. To further understand this cause and effect, we might have to break it down.

Why does shisha give you a headache?

Hookah Sickness

Shisha is known to have higher levels of nicotine than normal tobacco. Nicotine is a stimulant that, when consumed in large amounts, can leave smokers with an overall feeling of crap. That’s why you’ll find people also tend to call this “shisha sickness“. Often, it’s a good idea to start out with a tobacco that’s more on the lighter side. However, after this, you can try other shisha variations to see which ones are more your speed. You can also try packing lighter bowls. Smoking hookah doesn’t have to be made into a competition. Honestly, nobody is going to care if you don’t smoke the strongest stuff on the block. And feeling sick after smoking? Forget that. I’d much rather pace myself and enjoy my hookah smoke. You should realize that any kind of smoking isn’t healthy. Much like drinking, you should pace yourself and enjoy responsibly.

How to get rid of a hookah headache!

Now, on to the good stuff! You all want to know how to feel better after smoking hookah? Well, look no further! Nobody enjoys the side effects of hookah sessions gone bad. I certainly don’t. For me, nausea after smoking used to be a common occurrence.  My neck would also tend to get a tight sensation and become stiffer. Not fun.. All I wanted to do was sit back and enjoy my hookah smoke in peace.

So, after some trouble with hookah sickness, I decided to look more into the topic and ask friends of mine how they’ve managed to have smooth sessions without feeling the effects of hookah sickness. What I have come to learn is some of the most simple stuff, but nevertheless it works! Making some slight changes to how I smoke hookah, I’m now able to enjoy it and smoke with ease. These changes aren’t just great for getting rid of hookah headaches, it will also improve your overall experience as a whole!

Side Effects Of Hookah

1. Hydration

Drink water! If you want to smoke hookah without the side effects of hookah headaches then you should start by staying hydrated. One of the main factors of shisha sickness is dehydration. This being the case, it’s best to drink water before you start smoking, that way your body has time to hydrate. Also, drink a glass of water whenever you’re smoking a hookah to stay hydrated during your sessions.

2. Eating Right

Now, before you relax and start blowing clouds from your hookah, you ought to get something to eat. This will help to settle your stomach and diminish any feelings of nausea that you might feel. Try to eat while you smoke too. You don’t have to eat a full meal, just don’t try to smoke while you’re hungry. When smoking hookah, it’s often a good idea to eat healthier foods that are easier on the stomach. Things like crackers with cheese and avocado, or maybe some chips with some kind of dip. Just don’t overdo it, make something that you can easily manage to eat while you smoke.

3. Limit Your Activity 

Now hold on a second, I’m not telling you to halt all physical activity, just hear me out. Whenever you plan on smoking hookah, it’s often not a good idea to do so right after a good workout. Actually, it’s not really a good idea to start smoking before you workout either. What this will do is raise your blood pressure and make you feel the negative effects of hookah sickness that much sooner and more easily. Knowing this, you should take time to chill out before and after you start smoking.

4. Don’t Smoke Burnt Shisha

Anyone who smokes hookah knows that after about an hour or so your shisha will start getting burnt. Once the juices in your shisha have dried, it will start to burn the actual shisha and give you a much harsher and worse hit. Burnt shisha will often turn black and become more crisp. To avoid this, just make sure to change out your bowl after about 1 hour, maybe 1 hour and 30 minutes, when you’re smoking hookah. This should help you to cut back on the headaches.

5. fresh air

Now, if you spend most your hookah time out on the patio or in the backyard, you should be fine without this tip. However, if you spend your time smoking hookah while watching the game or chilling in your bedroom, you listen up. It’s important for you to not cloud up or hot-box an enclosed area with shisha smoke. You want to crack open a window, maybe have a fan going in the background. It’s important that your body gets the oxygen it needs, so remember to have good ventilation wherever you smoke hookah.

6. Use all-natural hookah coals

hookah headache charcoal
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If you want a smooth and easy hit without the headache, try using all-natural hookah coals. Currently, the best natural coals you can get for you’re hookah are made by Coco Nara. Coco Nara happens to produce some pretty high quality coals. Their hookah charcoal burns super clean, leaving you with little to no smell while it’s lighting.  They’re even made from 100% recycled coconut husks and contain no harmful chemicals that might make you feel bad. Once they’re on your bowl, these coals will deliver consistent and even heat to your shisha. To top it all off, these coals don’t add any flavor to your shisha either. This allows for a pure taste and some fine smoke, without any of the negative side effects of hookah . Click here to buy All-Natural Coco Nara Hookah Charcoal.

7. Don’t over-do it

One way to easily find yourself with a hookah headache is if you are continuously sucking on the hose like it’s your source of oxygen. This will get you sick in no time at all, so it’s best to avoid this. If you’re smoking alone then take a break from the hose every once in a while and set it down. Trust me, it won’t go out just because your not taking hits off it. If you’re smoking hookah with friends, try to pass it to your friends and not keep such a tight hold on the hose.

Hookah Headache Cure

If you ever start feeling sick after smoking a hookah, make sure to give these tips a go. When smoking hookah, your meant to be relaxed so you can enjoy it. If you know anyone that feels sick when they smoke or you have friends over, make sure to provide them with some help. Although there isn’t really a single hookah sickness cure, these tips will help anyone start feeling better after smoking from the hookah. For those that want more information about hookah side effects, I managed to find an article that talks more about the subject. Overall, make sure to take it easy and enjoy yourselves.

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Make Your Own Hookah Coal Alternatives

How many times have you run into this problem? You’re getting ready to smoke, maybe you have some friends over or got some kind of kickback going on. But before you can get your hookah set up, it hits you.. You don’t have any coals. Some people think that just because someone has a hookah that they have an unlimited supply of coals. Seriously, how often has someone asked you for a lighter though so they can smoke their cigarette, a little too often I’d say.. However, what if I told you that there was a way you could  learn how to make your own hookah coal substitute. Calm down before you get ahead of yourself, I know what you’re thinking. That this is going to be some crazy hard stuff to do. Although this might sound intimidating, it’s actually easier to do than you might think..

Replace Hookah Coals
Image Credit

reason to make replacement for hookah coal substitute

For one, it’ll save you a whole lot of cash if you find that you’re constantly going out to pick these things up. It can also be a hassle to just always be picking coals up every time you want to smoke. Sure, you can stock up on them and buy a ton. However, if you know how to make hookah coals then you’ll be able to get the same amount. And who knows, you might even save a few bucks in the process and buy something you need.

Are you looking to add more flavor to your smoke sessions? By knowing how to make hookah coal alternatives, you’ll find out how to create unique smoking experiences by adding more taste to your puffs. What am I talking about? Basically, the flavor of your smoke may change depending on what your hookah coal substitute is made of. Although, you shouldn’t worry too much. These changes can be a pleasant and interesting addition to any session.


What you need to make your own hookah coals

So, how do you start making your own coals? Well first, you’re going to need a couple things. Those things include a paint can and wood. However, before you rush off to make your own charcoal it’s important you understand how to do this process and what to use. The type of wood that you use is extremely important, however before we get into that we’ll talk about the paint can.

paint can

When getting yourself a used paint can, it is important for you to take time to clean out any leftover residue or paint that might be left over. Trust me, while it might be time consuming, it’s definitely safer for your health. If you’re serious about finding hookah coal alternatives, then always consider if what you’re using is unsafe for your health. Try to clean this until there is absolutely nothing left over inside of the can. And even after you think it looks totally clean, give it another good scrub just to be sure! 


Choosing the right kind of wood is extremely important. You don’t want to be turning just any kind of wood into charcoal for your hookah. Smoking with the wrong kind of charcoal will only lead to problems with your health. For example, some wood is made with toxic chemicals and go through treatments that make the wood itself give off toxic smoke when it’s burned. You should also try to stay away from soft woods, like redwood. If anything, you’re going to want to look for some natural hardwood that doesn’t have any added chemicals. Some really popular types of wood include wood from fruit trees. This includes wood from apple, lemon, pear, orange, and cherry trees. Olive, Hickory, and Oak trees are also a great option if those are available! 

I already touched upon how making your own coals can add a unique twist to your smoke session. However, I should probably explain myself in more detail. When using different types of fruit woods or other alternatives, you may find subtle changes in the flavor of your smoke. This change isn’t at all a bad one. In fact, you may even want to keep a bunch as your replacement for hookah coals. When using some of these types of wood, you may also find that some don’t produce as much of a flavor. This is good for anyone looking for coals that aren’t going to mess with their favorite flavoring. Wood from an Olive or Lemon tree is great for these kind of hookah smokers.


START MAKING YOUR OWN HOOKAH COAL alternatives to smoke with

Now to begin, start by cutting your wood into chunks. Try to cut these into the shape of a coal if possible. Also try to make these pieces roughly twice the size of the charcoals you want. Why should you do this? Well, when you’re making your own hookah charcoals you’ll notice that the wood is going to shrink during the process. If your charcoal comes out a little bigger than you’d like, or comes out a little weird looking, then you can always cut these pieces down after they are done and you’ve completed the process. Make sure you’ve got enough of these wood chunks. You’re going to want to fill you’re paint can as much as possible. Your goal is to leave very little room for air.

Once, you have your pieces ready and made, it’s time to move on to the next step. You’re going to pack as much of the wood you’ve cut up as possible into your paint can. Again, make sure your paint can is completely free of any residue or paint or anything else of that nature. You DO NOT want this stuff inside you’re paint can. In fact, if you can, you ought to look around and see if you can find an unused paint can. Once you’re paint can is packed, all you need to do from there is seal that sh*t up. Do this by taking a hammer to the thing and gently tapping the top if you need to. Just make sure the lid is on nice and tight, but take care to not damage the lid in the process!

You’re almost done..

Alright so now you should basically have a clean paint can filled with wood. Now what? With your paint can still sealed up, use a nail and hammer in about three or four air holes in the lid. Okay, I know it may sound weird but trust me. This is important to the process, it creates air holes that allow any gases inside the can the ability to escape. The wood inside your can is going to have all the moisture sucked out of it and turned into steam. Meaning you need to be able to let the steam out.  You don’t want to create too many though. Although you want air to be able to get out, you don’t want more getting in.

Now all you need to do is throw your can into a fire. I know this is kind of obvious, but make sure you’re outside. This is NOT some project for you to try in your kitchen. Once you have a fire going nice and hot though, just place your paint can in the middle of it. Leave it placed in the fire for a good hour or two, don’t get too impatient either. This takes a little bit of time, but trust me it’s worth it in the end.

You should notice that steam will start to shoot out of the holes you’ve made in your paint can when inside the fire. Don’t worry, that just means it’s working. This can should also watched though. The steam will eventually turn into smoke. This smoke can eventually ignite and produce tiny flames. This is normal.  You’ll know it’s done once grey smoke starts to comes out and the wood starts actually burning inside the can.

The cooling process..

Now that your hookah coal alternative is ready, it’s time to take it out of the fire! Grab some fire resistant tools, such as a long pair of pliers, and pull that beautiful coal away from the flames. Next, find a nice place to set your can of charcoal. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, grab a damp or wet wash cloth and use it to cover the holes on top of the can. Now, I can’t stress this enough. Make sure you’re outside during this part of the process too. While the paint can is cooling, it can still possibly be dangerous. Especially if it’s opened before it manages to get completely cool.  Do NOT open the can until it’s completely cooled, just wait until it is no longer warm so as to not cause a disaster or mess up your coal substitute. Once the can has had time to cool completely, you can go ahead and open it up to see how your substitute hookah charcoal came out!

Hookah coal alternative