How To Blow Smoke Rings!

how to blow smoke rings easy

Why should you learn how to blow o’s when you smoke? Well obviously it’s going to make you cooler and more attractive, giving you a slight boost to your overall sex appeal. Okay.. So maybe blowing hookah rings won’t get you laid, (hey you never know though) but it’s still a pretty cool smoke trick to learn. If you’re not the most experienced when it comes to smoke tricks, don’t worry about it. This is one of the easiest tricks for beginners to learn. If you’re wondering how to do o’s with hookah smoke, this guide will show you easily and make your next session a pretty cool one.

And just in case your wondering, this will show you how to blow smoke rings with most forms of smoking. In all honesty, the best way to start blowing smoke rings is to practice with a blunt or cigarette. Trying to learn how to do o’s with hookah smoke can make things complicated for beginners. You should try your hand at hookah rings once you feel ready, however this guide still follows the same methods and principles one would use to smoke something else. So feel free to follow along!

Tips for learning how to blow smoke circles

Now before we begin, I should say that this works far better if your in an area with little draft. Doing this smoke trick is far easier if you’re smoking in a room with the window shut. Smoking inside of a parked car with the windows rolled could work too. Really, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand. If you have any kind of draft or wind where you’re smoking, it’s going to distort any smoke circles you try making. If you really want to know how to blow smoke rings, then remember this.

A common mistake a lot of beginners tend to do when trying to learn how to blow o’s is that they try to form their mouth into the shape of a tight little circle. Unless you’re going to be doing the “easy method”, you don’t want to make this weird face. Instead, drop your jaw. Believe it or not, the face you’re making while doing this has a lot to do with your success with the trick as well. This is also way more effective if you want those huge smoke rings that everybody can’t help but love.

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If you are going to be blowing hookah rings, it’s better to have your hookah burning for a minute. This will give the hookah time to create thicker smoke. For the best hookah o’s, you’re going to want to get that thick smoke. The thickness helps the hookah rings stay together and last longer. Also, you’ll have a way easier time blowing smoke rings with thicker smoke, trust me.

How to blow smoke rings with the cough method

difficulty: Medium

Now, on to the good stuff! After all, the reason you’re here in the first place is to learn how to blow smoke rings like a pro, right? So let’s get to it! However, before you make smoke rings you need smoke! So get ready to spark up whatever you have and let class begin. Like I said before, it doesn’t really matter what your smoking from. So long as you’re able to hold a decent amount of smoke in your mouth you’ll be fine. Although, I won’t lie. This method might take some practice before you become a pro. Once you’re ready to learn how to blow o’s, simply follow these steps:

Step One – Light up

So of course you can’t puff on something that isn’t lit. And I don’t think anyone knows how to blow smoke rings without smoke. So go ahead and spark up whatever you have, Make sure you start producing enough smoke to fill your entire mouth. Once you start making a good amount of thick smoke, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step Two – Inhaling The Correct Way

Now that you’re starting to make some more smoke, start taking bigger Inhales. However, when you’re doing this, try to keep all of the smoke in your mouth if you can. You will more than likely inhale some of this smoke, but don’t worry cause that’s fine. Just don’t be taking the smoke directly to the lungs, try your best to keep it in the back of your mouth and you’ll be fine.

Step Three – Shaping Your Mouth

You’re going to need to shape your mouth correctly if you’re going to learn how to blow o’s for the first time. Now, don’t get me wrong, you want to have your mouth rounded much like a circle. However, when your forming your mouth, you want to have your jaw lower than you might think. If you were looking in a mirror, your mouth would look more like an oval than a circle. When opening your mouth, you’re going to want to do a light inhale to prevent the smoke from escaping. This will push the smoke to the back of your throat. If this is your first time, you may have trouble with the smoke escaping. If this is the case, try to practice just keeping the smoke in your mouth while leaving it slightly open.

Step Four – Cough Up The Hookah Rings

How to Make Hookah Rings For Beginners

Now, with your mouth still full of smoke and open, you’re going to want to produce tiny coughs to push bits of smoke out of your mouth. Don’t force a large amount of smoke out, try to release as little air as possible. This cough sounds similar to the “huh” sound you make when you softly sound out the letter “H”. Try to not actually say anything though,  just try to let out a very light breathe and you should start blowing smoke rings in no time. Make sure you experiment with the force of the air you’re using to blow smoke circles, but don’t mess up your mouth formation. I recommend starting out with the lightest and shortest breathe of air you can make.

Step Five – Practice Makes Perfect

Take your time when you’re blowing smoke rings at first. Try to perfect your form and technique before you start making one huge smoke ring after another. Anyone can learn how to blow o’s, it just takes a little practice. While some people can pick this trick up pretty quickly, don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few tries. With just a little time and effort, you’ll be able to do this without even trying.  With this method, you’ll be able to casually make those huge smoke rings that you know are bound to impress. You’ll even be able to blow o’s at a rapid pace, make them run into each other in the air. Just give it a shot and see what you can come up with!

How do you blow O’s with the easy method?

difficulty: Easy

Now, for those looking for a quicker way to learn how to blow smoke circles, there is an easy method. Even better, there’s a couple ways you can do this “easy” method. So this gives people a better chance of being able to blow smoke circles! They’re really not so different and this isn’t as complicated as the other method, so don’t worry. This method doesn’t even really require you to have the correct mouth formation. The  rings you make with this method will come out much smaller than the ones in the other method, but it can be pretty easy and fun sometimes to rapid fire hookah rings at my buddies. Are you ready to become a pro and start teaching others how to blow o’s like you? Well then, lets jump right into the method.

Step One – Filling Your Mouth 

After you’ve sparked whatever you’re smoking and you’re ready to start making smoke rings, take a long drag. Be sure to not actually inhale ANY of the smoke, keep it all in your mouth. Make sure to fill your entire mouth with smoke and let it kind of settle in there for a second.

Step Two – That Face You Make When You’re Blowing Smoke Rings


For this method, all you really need to do is form your lips into the shape of an O while keeping the smoke in your mouth. It’ll feel kind of similar to the face you make when you whistle. Another thing that helps is to imagine that you have a Popsicle in your mouth.

Step Three – How Do YOU Blow O’s?

Now, all you need to do from here is lightly tap your cheek while you’re mouth is still open. When doing this, it should create hookah o’s by pushing little bits of smoke through the opening. If you’re not having any luck doing that you can forget the tapping and try opening and closing your jaw slightly. This basically does the same thing. People have also had positive results by pushing the smoke with their tongue. Either way is fine. This is an awesome way to fill the air around you with hookah rings because you can fire off these hookah o’s pretty quickly. The only downside is they tend to be on the smaller side.

Now that you know how to blow o’s like a professional, it’s time you show off your newfound skills. For those that are wondering how a ring can actually form and be able to float through the air, I found an article that explains just how blowing smoke rings is possible. Actually, it’s pretty interesting if you’re into that kind of stuff.


Smoke Rings and Smoke Bubbles



For those that still can’t manage to blow smoke o’s, I recommend you check out the Monkey O’s Smoke Ring Maker. Not only can you blow the perfect smoke rings easily due to the shape of the tool, but you can also create smoke bubbles that’ll be sure to amaze your friends.  This tool comes in a variety of different colors and can be a fun addition to any smoke session. Personally, I can say that this tool makes it easy to blow smoke rings, there is literally no skill or effort required! So if you’re looking for the perfect way to blow hookah rings without any dumb old practice, we recommend you give this a look!

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  1. What really helped me out with blowing smoke rings is dropping my jaw instead of trying to make my mouth a little circle.

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