Why You NEED To Own A Washable Hookah Hose!

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Why should I wash my hookah hose?

Alright, so WHY wash your hookah hose? Well, first of all, let’s ignore the fact that not washing your hookah hose is disgusting AF. After a while, a hookah hose can start holding onto different flavors you’ve smoked on. But why is this so gross? This can be gross because you’ll end up ghosting flavors and tasting a stale bit of whatever you’ve smoked on previously. Not to mention that the inside of a hookah hose will eventually start to build up grime and nasty residue. You DO NOT want to smoke from a nasty hose. Honestly, take some time out of your day and show your hookah hose a little love. You won’t regret it.

Why you need a washable hookah hose

But wait… Believe it or not, but  not all hookah hoses are actually washable. Some of the hookah hoses that are available aren’t meant to be rinsed with water. If these non-washable hookah hoses get water inside them, it’ll often cause the inside of the hose to rust. How do they rust, you ask? It’s because there is a metal coil on the inside of non-washable hoses. That metal coil is what often collects all the rust. Instead of dealing with gross hoses or harmful rust, it’s much smarter to get something you can wash.

Washable hookah hoses will provide you with a much cleaner taste than their non-washable counterparts. Residue left behind from previous sessions can easily be washed away. Typically the best thing to do would be to give it a good rinse with rubbing alcohol ( preferably 91% ) and then to rinse it with water. Most people will repeat this rinse for 3 – 5 times to ensure it’s clean as a whistle. Lemon juice can also be used in the last rinse to help remove any nasty smells and tastes that may get left behind.

Five Good Washable Hookah Hose Options

1. The 75” Laser Washable Hookah Hose

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It’s important to have a clean hose, that’s why we chose this hose to be in the list. It’s an easy to clean hookah hose that has a unique and colorful feel to it. The mouthpiece is very long, but the hookah hose itself is lightweight and easy to use. Although the mouthpiece is long, I have to say it looked and felt pretty cool to use, almost magical. The hookah hose is made of rubber, but that makes it completely washable. This hookah hose is available in multiple different colors.

Current Price: $14


2. Rocsai Hookah Hose 78″ Washable Hookah Hose W/t Detachable mouth Tip

Cool washable hookah hose

If you’re looking for an awesome quality hookah at a price anyone can afford, look no further. This inexpensive hookah hose is completely washable. For being a washable hookah hose though, it has amazing craftsmanship. For comfort, this hookah hose has a soft and comfortable velvet-like grip. This hookah hose is amazing and is suitable for almost any and all hookahs. It even comes with an adapter. The adapter was a little bit longer than I thought it would be, but overall I’d say it looks nice to have on. Mouthpiece is easy to clean and made of a clear acrylic material. If you think this hose might be a good fit for you then I recommend you check it out! It is available in other colors as well!

Current Price: $12


3. The U-Pick-Color: 74″ Ultra Premium Beamer Cafe Rubber Washable Hose

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If you’re somewhat reckless with you’re hookah hoses or just want something cheap that works, then we recommend you check out the U-Pick-Color washable hookah hose. This hookah hose fits all standard adapters, meaning it’s perfect for pretty much any hookah. This hose is even easier to clean than most of it’s more expensive counterparts. This washable hookah hose definitely surprised me personally. For such a price, you couldn’t ask for better quality. Give it a look yourself!

Current Price: $6


4. The 72″ Mya Saray Washable Hookah Hose 

Mya hookah hose


5. The 72″ D Hose 2.0 Hybrid Dream Washable Hookah Hose

Hybrid Dream Hookah hose